Introduction to TensorFlow in Python

Learn the fundamentals of neural networks and how to build deep learning models using TensorFlow.

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Not long ago, cutting-edge computer vision algorithms couldn’t differentiate between images of cats and dogs. Today, a skilled data scientist equipped with nothing more than a laptop can classify tens of thousands of objects with greater accuracy than the human eye. In this course, you will use TensorFlow 2.6 to develop, train, and make predictions with the models that have powered major advances in recommendation systems, image classification, and FinTech. You will learn both high-level APIs, which will enable you to design and train deep learning models in 15 lines of code, and low-level APIs, which will allow you to move beyond off-the-shelf routines. You will also learn to accurately predict housing prices, credit card borrower defaults, and images of sign language gestures.

Instructor: Isaiah Hull