WordPress Essentials Complete, Courses + Themes Bundle


WordPress Essentials Complete, Courses + Themes Bundle. A quick-start (90 min) WordPress training sequence designed for small-business owners creating a new website

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The name of this course is WordPress Essentials Complete, Courses + Themes Bundle. The knowledge you will get with this indescribable online course is astonishing. A quick-start (90 min) WordPress training sequence designed for small-business owners creating a new website.
Not only will you be able to deeply internalize the concepts, but also their application in different fields won’t ever be a problem. The instructor is Marc Beneteau, one of the very best experts in this field.

Description of this course: WordPress Essentials Complete, Courses + Themes Bundle

Course Description Update Nov/2016 – Bonuses added! Everything you need to make your first beautiful WordPress website and start making money! You are purchasing a 4-course bundle that includes WordPress Essentials for Business, Complete WordPress Mastery Course, WordPress ecommerce with WooCommerce, and Get it Done with IQTell and GTD. Instructions for claiming your bonuses are given in the course.You are getting 4 powerful commercial theme frameworks for training purposes (Elegant Themes Divi, Woothemes Canvas, and 2 StudioPress themes)You are getting 6 months complimentary WordPress managed hosting on our high-performance server (the plan renews at only $12/mth)And finally an option to upgrade to our live coaching program for just $20/mth — talk directly with your instructors via live screen-share and have us go into your site to make changes directly. No other program offers this. This plan also includes a library of commercial themes and plugins worth $10k. Why is WordPress Essentials for Business one of the most popular and highest-rated WordPress beginner courses on the web? Build an attractive website A-Z using the provided sample files, then repeat for your own site! (you will create the following site: www.wp-clone.com) It’s designed for busy professionals — no technical experience is required, and we only teach you what you need to know (HTML? Forget it). You will save many hours of trial-and-error in setting up your first website — don’t try and learn WordPress by “point, click and pray!”Unlike other beginner WordPress courses, we cover topics that are key to creating a professional-looking website, such as theme selection, graphics sources, and more Why bother with WordPress training? The software is simple, right? WRONG. While it is true that WordPress is relatively easy to navigate, many people without previous web design experience are going to be completely perplexed. The WordPress software has revolutionized the web design business; and yet, finding a course that covers all the basics, is oriented to a non-technical audience, and gives practical advice on the commercial services that are imperative to making an attractive website, has proven to be difficult. WordPress Essentials for Business is designed to fill that training gap. About the Course 25,000 students have already participated in this course! WordPress Essentials for Business is a quick (90 min) but thorough overview of using WordPress to create a business website. It is designed for busy small-business owners and self-employed professionals who want to quickly master the WordPress software for the purpose of creating an attractive website that generates leads and sales. We learn by doing as we build out an presente website for a client of ours, explaining and demonstrating key concepts along the way, such as themes, plugins, widgets, images, etc. Students should download the project files by following the instructions in the video “Claim your bonuses” and then follow the tutorial on their own website, repeating the keystrokes and mouse sequences as they build out their own site. You can expect to walk away from this training with an attractive website and a solid understanding of WordPress fundamentals. Can I really learn web design in 90 minutes? Of course there are many aspect to building an attractive and functional website. WordPress Essentials for Business is designed to boot-strap your skills, but there is much more to learn. See some of the other WP Academy courses to gain these additional and essential skills. In particular, the course “Complete WordPress Mastery Course” (which is included in this course bundle!) will tell you about: WordPress Theme Selection & Customization WordPress Backup, Security & Performance Images and Graphic Editing WordPress CSS Styling & Advanced Content Creation WordPress SEO WordPress eCommerce & Membership Systems WordPress Email Newsletters & Social Media Integration Video Production for the Web

Requirements of this course: WordPress Essentials Complete, Courses + Themes Bundle

What are the requirements? Technical experience is not required (other than to use a browser) You will need to setup a self-hosted WordPress website under your domain, which we will show you how to do. Domains cost about $10/yr and hosting accounts are between $7-10/mth

What will you learn in this course: WordPress Essentials Complete, Courses + Themes Bundle?

What am I going to get from this course? Complete your first self-hosted WordPress website in under 2 hours Understand domain and hosting Understand the WordPress user-interface and key concepts such as the Media library, themes, plugins, widgets and more

Target audience of this course: WordPress Essentials Complete, Courses + Themes Bundle

Who is the target audience? Small Business Owner, Self-employed Professionals, Social Media consultants, Aparente Assistants… anyone who wants to create a professional WordPress website, either for themselves or their clients