WordPress eCommerce con la tienda para WooCommerce Beginner


WordPress eCommerce con la tienda para WooCommerce Beginner. Una guía paso a paso para configurar y personalizar una tienda de comercio electrónico en línea utilizando WordPress, WooCommerce y escaparate.

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No te pierdas este fabuloso curso online llamado WordPress eCommerce con la tienda para WooCommerce Beginner. Es 100% online y comenzarás justo en el momento de matricularte. Tú serás el que marques tu propio ritmo de aprendizaje.

Breve descripción del curso llamado WordPress eCommerce con la tienda para WooCommerce Beginner

Una guía paso a paso para configurar y personalizar una tienda de comercio electrónico en línea utilizando WordPress, WooCommerce y escaparate.

El profesor de este fabuloso curso 100% online es Susan Cork, un auténtico experto en la materia, y con el que aprenderás todo lo necesario para ser más competitivo. El curso se ofrece en Inglés.

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Course Description ***FREE Bonus Plugin Special is here!*** STOREFRONT POWERPACK License Keys Available for Students of this Course! As a student in this course you can receive one free licensed copy of the STOREFRONT POWERPACK plugin. The STOREFRONT POWERPACK empowers you to totally customize your Storefront powered WooCommerce shop. The Storefront Powerpack extension gives you creative control of style and layout options for your Storefront theme. No code knowledge is required, and changes are shown instantly. Storefront Powerpack is a combination of the previously offered WooCommerce Designer, Storefront Designer, and Storefront Checkout Customizer extensions, plus brand new functionality and features. Storefront Powerpack, is an extension that allows you to change the appearance of Storefront theme for WooCommerce — without touching a single line of code. Powerpack allows anyone to customize their store without dabbling in HTML or CSS, and the results of those customizations can be seen instantly. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ***Just Released Another FREE Bonus Plugin Special is here!*** NOW AVAILABLE FREE to Students of this course: The #1 Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress. You can create a simple Coming Soon Page or Maintenance Mode Page with this plugin. Work on your site in private while visitors see a “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance Mode” page. As a student in this course you can receive one free licensed copy of the Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode SEEDPROD WordPress plugin. Now you can easily setup a stunning coming soon page, capture leads & limit access to your website while under construction. Join now to receive your bonus plugins as student in this course! ________________________________________________________________________________________ Learn how to rapidly deploy the latest FREE WordPress eCommerce theme from WooCommerce. You will be able to effortlessly customize the new Storefront WordPress theme. Bulletproof your WordPress site with hassle free theme and plugin updates as Storefront seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce®. Join now and at the end of my WordPress course you will have a lean and mean eCommerce store on a customized WordPress site. Review Excerpt from WPLift – An influential WordPress site providing tutorials, theme roundups, plugin guides and general WordPress news Does This WordPress eCommerce Online Course Deliver? “When it comes to getting started with this eCommerce course, you have the option of taking a tour of the program to help you understand the lay of the land. You can quickly view the topics for each of the 38+ lessons and see their length. The step by step tutorial sections of course, such as installing WordPress via cPanel, installing the WooCommerce plugin and Storefront theme, and then configuring your website, are all easy to follow. At the end of the course you can use the checklist to ensure that you’ve completed all the necessary steps for your website. You can also download the Storefront user manual eBook for more detailed information. Overall, this course definitely delivers on its objective of teaching you how to build an online store using WordPress, WooCommerce, and the Storefront theme, with some nice additional lessons on top of that.” New Bonus Section now available: Build Your Email List With Bloom – A New Email Opt-in Plugin for WordPress. You will learn how to install Elegant Theme’s new opt-in plugin with your Storefront WordPress theme. This plugin is available to you as a student of this course. If you haven’t started building your email list yet, then today’s the day to take action. Also, if you’re looking for an effective way to generate and convert leads, I’ll show you how to setup Bloom with an email provider for your WordPress website. eBook WordPress Storefront Manual As an added bonus I’ve included an ebook for this course with screen shots and detailed instructions for you! This course is an introduction to the WordPress Storefront theme developed by WooCommerce. If you are a beginner or new to WordPress and WooCommerce software, then this is the perfect course for you. By the end of my WordPress course you will have a fully functional WordPress eCommerce online store. Storefront by WooCommerce is FREE. All the software and plugins demonstrated in this WordPress course are free. What are we going to cover in this WordPress course? Before you get started I’ll show you how to assess your eCommerce needs and have a plan of action for your new WordPress website project. I’ll review the requirements of this course. I’ll show you how to install WordPress and the Storefront theme. You will recreate the WordPress Storefront demo and you’ll populate the store with the WooCommerce data. As an optional bonus, I will show you how to create and install a WordPress child theme. At the end of my course you’ll have a WordPress eCommerce store ready to be customized. Why should you choose Storefront? Storefront is a FREE WordPress theme integrated with WooCommerce. Storefront was developed by WooCommerce. Perhaps you have some items to sell and you would like to get your feet wet by setting up your own online WordPress store. The default Storefront design is clean and simple. It’s an excellent starting point from which to customize your store to match your brand, whether that’s using the WordPress customizer or a custom plugin / child theme. Storefront is a flexible and simple solution. Maybe you have a bricks and mortar store and you haven’t found the right software. Storefront is a simple solution to help you get started. Storefront can be an excellent alternative Perhaps you have an outdated or antiquated online store and you would like to upgrade to something new and easy to use. Storefront can be an excellent alternative to get you fitted with the latest WordPress theme and functionality. Perhaps you want to sell eCommerce WordPress solutions to your clients. Maybe you are a graphics or web designer and you want to start selling eCommerce WordPress solutions to your clients. With Storefront you can create a child theme as I show you in this course and make your CSS customizations. Or you can utilize the built in WordPress customizer to make your design change. Extra bonus resources and worksheets available Download the WordPress eCommerce Project Checklist: The checklist will help you organize and successfully launch your new online WordPress store. The checklist provides a list of essential steps, product descriptions, and customer support service tasks to be performed. You can download or print the checklist for ongoing reference. Download the WordPress Website Creative Brief Worksheet: The brief will help you define the purpose and goals of your WordPress eCommerce project. By completing the worksheet you will have a clear plan to remain focused and on track. Download the Contents Worksheet: You’ll be able to generate ideas for your site structure. The worksheet will help you organize and write your site content in a cohesive manner. This ensures that you will have a well structured website. Trademarks Disclaimer WooThemes® is the market leader in premium themes and plugins for WordPress. The instructor of this course has no affiliation with WooThemes®. This course is training for WooThemes®/WooCommerce® new Storefront theme. WordPress is a registered trademark of Automattic Inc. This instructor is not affiliated with or sponsored by Automattic or the WordPress open source project. All future updates to this course are free – And there’s a 30 day absolutely no questions asked full money back guarantee – my personal guarantee of your satisfaction!