Joining Data with dplyr

Learn to combine data across multiple tables to answer more complex questions with dplyr.

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Often in data science, you’ll encounter fascinating data that is spread across multiple tables. This course will teach you the skills you’ll need to join multiple tables together to analyze them in combination. You’ll practice your skills using a fun dataset about LEGOs from the Rebrickable website. The dataset contains information about the sets, parts, themes, and colors of LEGOs, but is spread across many tables. You’ll work with the data throughout the course as you learn a total of six different joins! You’ll learn four mutating joins: inner join, left join, right join, and full join, and two filtering joins: semi join and anti join. In the final chapter, you’ll apply your new skills to Stack Overflow data, containing each of the almost 300,000 Stack Oveflow questions that are tagged with R, including information about their answers, the date they were asked, and their score. Get ready to take your dplyr skills to the next level!

Instructor: DataCamp Content Creator