Joining Data in SQL

Join two or three tables together into one, combine tables using set theory, and work with subqueries in PostgreSQL.

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Now that you’ve learned the basics of SQL in our Introduction to SQL course, it’s time to supercharge your queries using joins and relational set theory. In this course, you’ll learn all about the power of joining tables while exploring interesting features of countries and their cities throughout the world. You will master inner and outer joins, as well as self joins, semi joins, anti joins and cross joins—fundamental tools in any PostgreSQL wizard’s toolbox. Never fear set theory again after learning all about unions, intersections, and except clauses through easy-to-understand diagrams and examples. Lastly, you’ll be introduced to the challenging topic of subqueries. You will be able to visually grasp these ideas by using Venn diagrams and other linking illustrations.

Instructor: Dr. Chester Ismay