Introduction to SQL Server

Become proficient at using SQL Server to perform common data manipulation tasks.

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SQL is an essential skill for data scientists, and Microsoft SQL Server is one of the world’s most popular database systems. In this course, you’ll start with simple SELECT statements, and refine these queries with ORDER BY and WHERE clauses. You’ll learn how to group and aggregate your results, and also how to work with strings. You’ll also cover the most common way to join tables, how to create tables, and inserting and updating data. You’ll mainly work with the Chinook digital media database, representing sales of various artists and tracks. The music theme continues with the classic rock and Eurovision datasets, while we also look at trends in power outages in the US. Overall, you’ll become proficient in the most common data manipulation tasks in SQL Server and build a solid foundation for the upcoming T-SQL courses here on DataCamp!

Instructor: John MacKintosh