Hierarchical and Mixed Effects Models in R

In this course you will learn to fit hierarchical models with random effects.

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This course begins by reviewing slopes and intercepts in linear regressions before moving on to random-effects. You’ll learn what a random effect is and how to use one to model your data. Next, the course covers linear mixed-effect regressions. These powerful models will allow you to explore data with a more complicated structure than a standard linear regression. The course then teaches generalized linear mixed-effect regressions. Generalized linear mixed-effects models allow you to model more kinds of data, including binary responses and count data. Lastly, the course goes over repeated-measures analysis as a special case of mixed-effect modeling. This kind of data appears when subjects are followed over time and measurements are collected at intervals. Throughout the course you’ll work with real data to answer interesting questions using mixed-effects models.

Instructor: Richard Erickson