Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL

Learn how to explore what’s available in a database: the tables, relationships between them, and data stored in them.

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You have access to a database. Now what do you do? Building on your existing skills joining tables, using basic functions, grouping data, and using subqueries, the next step in your SQL journey is learning how to explore a database and the data in it. Using data from Stack Overflow, Fortune 500 companies, and 311 help requests from Evanston, IL, you’ll get familiar with numeric, character, and date/time data types. You’ll use functions to aggregate, summarize, and analyze data without leaving the database. Errors and inconsistencies in the data won’t stop you! You’ll learn common problems to look for and strategies to clean up messy data. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to start exploring your own PostgreSQL databases and analyzing the data in them.

Instructor: Christina Maimone