Course Creation at DataCamp

Learn all about how DataCamp builds the best platform to learn and teach data skills.

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Welcome to the DataCamp family! You are about to begin creating a course that, in just a few months, will be available to over 3 million students worldwide! If you’re new to eLearning, you’ll soon learn that teaching an online course is very different from teaching in a classroom. But we’re here to help! This course will provide a guide to the DataCamp Course Creation process; an introduction to the tools we use, including GitHub, Asana, and our very own course editor; and the different types of exercises and slides you can use, and how to make sure you’re reaching students at the other end of the screen. While creating your course, you will find you have other questions, such as, «How will my course be marketed?», «How do I recommend other instructors to DataCamp?», or «When do I get paid?». This course will also provide you with direction on where to find answers to all your questions. Following this course, you should be familiar with the DataCamp Course Creation process and be ready to start your very own DataCamp course. Have fun and see you in the course!

Instructor: Kelsey McNeillie