Wordpress Installation & Set Up For Beginners 2016


Wordpress Installation & Set Up For Beginners 2016. A complete over the shoulder look at how to setup up and use wordpress

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The name of this course is WordPress Installation & Set Up For Beginners 2016. The knowledge you will get with this indescribable online course is astonishing. A complete over the shoulder look at how to setup up and use wordpress.
Not only will you be able to deeply internalize the concepts, but also their application in different fields won’t ever be a problem. The instructor is Tony Balthazar, one of the very best experts in this field.

Description of this course: WordPress Installation & Set Up For Beginners 2016

Course Description Course DescriptionData suggests that’s over 25% of the websites Live online at the moment are made with WordPress, and that includes some pretty major brands such as Adidas, CNN o or technorati.This course gives you foundation skills to understand the workings of and even manage such a website.Learn and Master the Most important Steps on Getting Up & Running with this Popular CMS Platform in This Comprehensive Beginners Course. Researching and purchasing a domain nameCreating a new hosting accountPointing your name service to new hosting accountInstalling WordPress via cPanelHow to create posts and pagesHow to add media to your websiteAnd much more…From just an idea of a website.. Broken down, just the idea of a website to buying your domain and hosting is always daunting the first couple of times you do it. I find however that I learn best when I can watch someone doing what I need to do first. This course is aimed for you, the person would like to see exactly what to do before they do it.Every step I take in creating a new website Is documented in the videos. Contents and Overview Over the course of 6 hours of content including 38 lectures, this course covers an introduction to the terms and tools used with wordPress website creation.Upon completion students will be understand new wordpress terminology, understand how wordpress can be used to create a website be able to grow and extend their website in any way they want. What are the requirements?You need an internet connectionYou’ll need no other knowledge of any IT or marketing at allWhat am I going to get from this course?Over 36 lectures and 6 hours of content!Become competent in Domain and Hosting requirements.Understand the methods to install wordpress via hosting cPanelUse the wordpress Dashboard and backend editors with ease. Execute and educador wordpress updatesInstall WP Plugins Install and customise wordpress themesWhat is the target audience?Individuals looking to create their own wordpress websitePersons tasked with taking over the running of the company wordpress siteAnyone looking to use wordpress to build a site to make money

Requirements of this course: WordPress Installation & Set Up For Beginners 2016

What are the requirements? No prior knowledge of WordPress is required as everything will be covered in this course

What will you learn in this course: WordPress Installation & Set Up For Beginners 2016?

What am I going to get from this course? If you want to build a great looking website, but don’t know where to start? This course … With the help of WordPress 4.3 is going to simplify that for you. Learn WordPress for Beginners is a foundation course, We’ll assume no prior knowledge. So no matter what your tech skills are you’ll be able to follow along. Missing nothing out we’ll start by choosing a domain name and linking it to a web host After we install wordpress we’ll login, take a good look around, and familiarize ourselves with the wordpress user interface. Merienda we are comfortable with getting around the wordpress dashboard, we’ll look at the features we’ll use to build our new website Including: The built in WYSIWYG Editor. This is where you enter all of your website content. The Media Library, where we manage our images, videos, sound files and other media you want to share on your site. WordPress Settings, and I’ll show you step by step how-to set those up just right way. We’ll look at the differences between WordPress posts and WordPress pages, and I’ll we’ll learn which one to use and when. We’ll visit post excerpts, tags and categories, and look at how to use them to help structure our site to increase visitor experience and search engine ranking. The 2 main ways you can set up your wordpress homepage We’ll create contact page with contact form embeded so visitors can get in touch. An About us page, and I’ll tell you why this page is crucial and what info needs to be on it. We’ll create and cover the Disclaimer and other lícito pages you’ll be needing We’ll discuss the navigation system on your site, and how you can set up customised navigation in the header, sidebar or footer of your site. We’ll go over the navigation on your site, and how to used a customised nav menu in the header, sidebar or footer of your site. We’ll cover WordPress security, and set up a system that will keep the site safe from hackers. We’ll cover WordPress security, and install a system that will keep the site safe from hackers. We’ll check out some great free plugins Finally, I’ll give you a 20 step plan for creating your site. By the end of this course, you will have a website that you are truly proud of. And at the end of all that you’ll also get the step by step plan via PDF to refer to. End result a being YOU have some great new skills and knowledge… as well as a new wordpress website.

Target audience of this course: WordPress Installation & Set Up For Beginners 2016

Who is the target audience? With over 71 lectures with actionable no fluff content! This course will teach anyone to build a function, beautiful website with WordPress. If you need to understand the main features of wordpress, know how to configure it properly and what plugins to use for the best results… This course will certainly cover all that! Creating a passive income via the web whist protecting your site from spammers… We’ll cover that too. If you want a total walkthroughs of how an affiliate and SEO geek set’s up a wordpress site … You’ll get that too!