MySQLi Essentials


MySQLi Essentials. Learn the most important MySQL database operations using MySQLi

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The name of this course is MySQLi Essentials. The knowledge you will get with this indescribable online course is astonishing. Learn the most important MySQL database operations using MySQLi.
Not only will you be able to deeply internalize the concepts, but also their application in different fields won’t ever be a problem. The instructor is OnlyKiosk Tech, one of the very best experts in this field.

Description of this course: MySQLi Essentials

Course Description About a year ago, MySQLi is optional for PHP programmers. You can choose not to learn it. But now, MySQLi is necessary for you. Because the traditional method of using a few PHP built-in functions to operate MySQL database is gradually being abandoned.For PHP programmers, this basically means you only have two options left when it comes to operating database. You can either choose MySQLi or PDO.PDO is a lot more powerful than MySQLi. But by comparison, MySQLi is really simple to use and most importantly, much easier to learn, especially for new learners.This course also contains all the basic MySQL database knowledge you need to learn before you can operate it. You will learn the structure of a database and data type used by it. Then you will learn how to design a database. After you have successfully created your very first database, next we will learn how to operate the database.MySQLi class is a PHP tool that can help us operate database, but it would not be the first tool we learn. We will learn how to use PHPMyAdmin first. We will learn how to manage database using PHPMyAdmin:how to create and delete tables;how to put new data into table;how to update and delete data stored in table;After you can proficiently use PHPMyAdmin, we will start to learn MySQLi.First, we will learn how to get connected to database using the two options provided by MySQLi class.I want the skills you learn from this course to be as complete as possible, therefore, we will also learn how to prepare for accidents, meaning what kind of pre-cautions we should take in case we cannot get connected to database.After we can connect to database properly, we will learn the four main database operations using MySQLi class.We will start with the most complicated operation: retrieving data from database.Because I just came from the beginner stage one year ago, I still remember which parts are more likely to be confusing or tricky for new learners. Therefore, you will find we have lots of reviews during our study.After you can retrieve data from database, we will learn how to select data you want and how to organize all the retrieved data. Next, we will learn how to update and delete data already stored in the database. These two operations are easier and simpler by comparison.In the end, we will learn how to put data into the database. You will need a few HTML techniques here. If you do not have any knowledge in HTML, don’t worry, there is an HTML cram course for you.In addition, we will also learn how to protect your database and make it as safe as possible, including how to deal with problems caused by special characters.In the end, we will have a comprehensive review to make sure you have got everything.

Requirements of this course: MySQLi Essentials

What are the requirements? Know how to instantiate a class and use class methods. Know how to assign value to class property

What will you learn in this course: MySQLi Essentials?

What am I going to get from this course? Manage database and table contents using PHPMyAdmin. Use MySQLi class to operate MySQL database. Create new database and table using PHPMyAdmin. Retrieve data from database. Organize data retrieved from database. Update data stored in database. Delete data from database. Put new data into database. Protect your database from problems caused by special characters.

Target audience of this course: MySQLi Essentials

Who is the target audience? anybody who wants to learn how to operate MySQL database