Laravel for RESTful


Laravel for RESTful. Create a RESTful API with Laravel and PHP. Dominates RESTful using Laravel and PHP

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The name of this course is Laravel for RESTful. The knowledge you will get with this indescribable online course is astonishing. Create a RESTful API with Laravel and PHP. Dominates RESTful using Laravel and PHP.
Not only will you be able to deeply internalize the concepts, but also their application in different fields won’t ever be a problem. The instructor is JuanD MeGon, one of the very best experts in this field.

Description of this course: Laravel for RESTful

Course Description The complete Laravel course for RESTful APIs. This course incluse classes for the recent Laravel versions: All the Laravel 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 versions! Create your own RESTful API with Laravel, step by step, from development to production. Publish your Laravel project in your server at the end of the course. Laravel has more than 30,000 public projects. Definitely, Laravel is the most popular framework for PHP. Laravel is very expresive, simple AND powerful, develop complex platforms and projects with few lines of code using Laravel powers. Avoid the boilerplate code and focus in the functionality, not in the code. During this course you are going to learn, about Laravel and RESTful: Create class-by-class your own RESTful API using Laravel. Learn about this on Laravel for RESTful APIs: Middlewares with Laravel Laravel requests: Requests validation and authorization REST controllers in Laravel Exceptions/Errors handling with Laravel Database Migrations Database Seeds Authentication in Laravel Stateless authentication for RESTful API CSRF in Laravel and the RESTful APIsOAuth2 access and validations on LaravelFile uploading through the API with LaravelMuch more! Check the course contents You are going to use Laravel to create a completely functional RESTful API from scratch using the Laravel powers. ¡Much more! You will have access to all the classes for ever and access for periodical bonus classes all about PHP, Laravel and RESTful APIs. Follow the REST architecture and the best practices to build URIs, identify resources and actions using the Laravel resources controllers. Hone all the features of your development tools (Sublime Text 3, Git, Github, Laravel, Composer, PHP artisan) be more productive and efficient in your developments, specially for your Laravel projects. Learn to develop projects in a almacén environment within XAMPP (Apache and MySQL) and the appropriate configuration of your tools; create projects in almacén and carry them to a production environment in Linux, runing Nginx, PHP and MySQL and using Laravel in both environments. Learn how to use Laravel through the command line within PHP artisan to build all the components for your RESTful API using all the HTTP methods(GET, POST, PUT, PATCH y DELETE). At the end of this course you are going to have the capacity to develop your own RESTful API with Laravel and PHP easily and faster, domain the new features, concepts and structure to create a functional RESTful API with the Laravel powers. See you in classes.

Requirements of this course: Laravel for RESTful

What are the requirements? Programming PHP Basic knowledge about object oriented programming (classes, methods, attributes, inheritance) Download Sublime Text 3 for Windows (Don’t install ) Download Composer for Windows (We’ll install during the course) Download XAMPP for Windows (Don’t install)

What will you learn in this course: Laravel for RESTful?

What am I going to get from this course? Create your own projects with Laravel 5. Hone your work tools (Sublime Text 3, Git, Github, Composer and PHP artisan) Create and maintain automatically your database structure with Laravel and the PHP artisan command prompt. Use effectively PHP artisan and be more efficient. Create your own public repositories for your projects. Create and configure your own almacén environment to develop your projects. Choose the bests practices to carry out your projects to a production environment. Configure correctly all your environments for your projects. Use and learn the main HTTP methods for a RESTful API. Make an agile projects development, honing your tools and practices. Create an maintain your own production server in Linux. Use free and professional tools to improve your productivity. Interact with Windows and Linux systems simultaneously. Obtain a preview of the course results in:

Target audience of this course: Laravel for RESTful

Who is the target audience? If you want to upgrade from Laravel 4 to Laravel 5. If want to hone all the, features and advantajes of Laravel 5. If want to learn to do agile development of your projects. If you wish to implement your own API, completely functional and easily. If you want to develop your projects in multiple environments simultaneously and put it on production. If wish to implement a featured API following the REST architecture. If you need to maintain you skills up to date and be competitive. If you wish to share your projects and skills with the world.