Introducción a la frambuesa Pi

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Introducción a la frambuesa Pi. que quiero mostrar lo fácil que es crear modelos predictivos utilizando los deportes datos de



No te pierdas este fabuloso curso online llamado Introducción a la frambuesa Pi. Es 100% online y comenzarás justo en el momento de matricularte. Tú serás el que marques tu propio ritmo de aprendizaje.

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que quiero mostrar lo fácil que es crear modelos predictivos utilizando los deportes datos de

El profesor de este fabuloso curso 100% online es Venkatesh Varadachari, Satyajeet Sah, un auténtico experto en la materia, y con el que aprenderás todo lo necesario para ser más competitivo. El curso se ofrece en Inglés.

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Course Description #1 Raspberry Pi course on Udemy, in terms of students (over 3,000) #1 Raspberry Pi course on Udemy, in terms of reviews (over 80)#1 Raspberry Pi course on udemy, in terms of 5 star reviews (over 40)Bonus content added regularly. Latest update on 7-Nov-15. We will keep adding new content, so that our students have something to look forward toAll our students (Makerdemy brand) get VIP pricing ($8) for all our new courses. We have 10 courses under our brand and will be releasing a new course every 2 months.___________________________________________________________________ This is an introductory course about the credit card sized computer Raspberry Pi. This course is ideal for those who are interested in exploring the possibilities of Raspberry Pi as a computer. The course does not assume any prior knowledge on computers or programming. However, a knowledge of Linux operating system and Python programming language would greatly help you in getting up to speed. If you do not know Linux or Python, no need to worry. The course has sections that cover the basics of Linux and Python to get you started. Small as it is, The Raspberry Pi packs quite a punch. The course will teach you to hook up the Pi with a key board and monitor so that you can use it as a low cost computer. You will also learn how to interact with the hardware of the Pi, something that you normally do not do with your home computer or laptop. You will learn from 2 complete projects. The first one teaches you how to write a software program to make the most of your Raspberry Pi, using the Python language. The second project involves learning how to control the Raspberry Pi hardware using a computer program written in Python. You will hook the Pi up with a Christmas tree light and will use your program to create various lighting patterns. Sounds exciting? Jump in straight ahead! The course provides complete code for both the above mentioned projects. The entire course can be completed over a period of 2 hours, including the hardware assembly for the Christmas tree light project. By the end of this course, you will learn how to boot and wire up a Raspberry Pi. You will also have learnt how to write your own python code to make the Raspberry Pi do some really cool things.

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Venkatesh Varadachari, Satyajeet Sah










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