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¡GO GREEN con la última membresía de WordPress que necesitarás!


Una Guía básica para iniciarse en el Mundo Linux, Funciones Conceptos entendre SUS Y, Y Aprender a utilizarlo.



Curso online: ¡GO GREEN con la última membresía de WordPress que necesitarás!. Una Guía básica para iniciarse en el Mundo Linux, Funciones Conceptos entendre SUS Y, Y Aprender a utilizarlo.

Course Description What Are The Course Objectives? Conceptually the goal of this Course/Resource Guide it to provide a “ One Stop Hub “ where Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Marketers can access the latest and most up to date information available regarding the WordPress Content Management System as well as BONUS access to the most current Internet/Online Marketing Resources & Strategies. How Is This Course Different? The Core Modules of this revolutionary Course/Resource Guide solves the problem of constantly needing to purchase tutorial after tutorial to ensure you are working with the most recent WordPress Information. The Course is updated in UNISON with all significant WordPress updates as they are released. How is the Course Structured? The overall Course/Resource Guide is divided into two main components. The Core WordPress Evergreen Modules and the Internet/Online Marketing Bonus Resource Modules. The secondary component Modules are structured as separate Courses within themselves designed to accommodate your individual needs and goals. How Long Will the Course Take to Complete? For the Novice student/user setting up your first WordPress Site in a Self Hosted Environment can be easily achieved within 1 to 3 days obviously depending on the amount of time spent. For the Intermediate/Advanced student/user 1 to 3 hours is a reasonable amount of time to update yourself to all of the latest WordPress updates. Regarding the Internet/Online Marketing Bonus Modules. We recommend that each student/user adopt a ” learn as needed ” mindset based on your needs and goals. For the Novice student/user we suggest starting these Modules only after you have set up your first Blog Site which will function as your Online Home Base. How Will You Benefit From This Course? You will gain immediate access to 17 Core WordPress EVERGREEN Video Lecture Modules. updated in UNISION with all significant WordPress updates presented in an easy to follow logical step by step format to ensure ease of use. You will acquire the ability to effectively set up your Personal and/or Business Sites for a maximum return on your time and investment. You will no longer need to purchase WordPress “ HOW TO ” Tutorials every time an updated version is released saving you the time to look for them as well as the expense to purchase them. Peace of mind….. You will acquire the knowledge and ability to effectively set up and maintain your Online Business in a much shorter time frame. You will gain immediate access to 15 PLUS additional Internet/Online Marketing Bonus Resource Video Lecture Modules which focus on how to set up and maintain your Internet/Online Marketing Business. These Modules are also presented in an easy to follow logical step by step format to ensure ease of use. (note – these Modules will be added to, removed from as required to maintain quality and usability) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What Will You Get?Monthly NewslettersMonthly Bonus Downloads 17 Core Evergreen WordPress Video Lecture Modules Securing Domains, Webhosting and Creating Your First WordPress WebsiteCustomizing Your WordPress WebsiteSearch Engine Optimization – Tracking and ResultsWordpress Site Backup and RestoreWorking with The WordPress 2015 ThemeWorking with The WordPress DashboardWorking with The WordPress EditorWorking with Images In WordPressWorking with Pages In WordPressWorking with Media In WordPressWorking with Posts In WordPressWorking with Comments In WordPressWorking with The Profile Module In WordPressWorking with Widgets In WordPressWorking with Menus In WordPressWorking with The SEO Yoast Plugin ContinuedHow to Secure Your WordPress Site What Else Will You Get? 20 PLUS Internet/Online Marketing Bonus Video Lecture ModulesGoogle AnalyticsNiche Marketing OverviewGoogle Keyword Planner ExpainedContent Curation StategiesSocial Media NetworksHow To Manage Your Social MediaHashtags ExplainedHow To Use An Autoresponder – Aweber EditionHow To Use An Autoresponder – Getresponse EditionAmazon S3 Cloud HostingSecuring Your Digital DownloadsSearch Engine Optimization – What Is Working TodayCreating Membership Sites With WordPress And Free PluginsLead Generation MasteryWordpress – Woo Commerce Online StoreWordpress – Woo Commerce Store ManagementWordpress – Layers Mobile Responsive Site BuilderHow To Create And Launch Warrior Special OffersAffiliate AuthorityPeriscope MasteryHow To Set Up And Manage Youtube Ads

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