Diseño de materiales Android


Diseño de materiales Android. Introducción, implementación y masterización. ¡Todo en uno!

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No te pierdas este fabuloso curso online llamado Diseño de materiales Android. Es 100% online y comenzarás justo en el momento de matricularte. Tú serás el que marques tu propio ritmo de aprendizaje.

Breve descripción del curso llamado Diseño de materiales Android

Introducción, implementación y masterización. ¡Todo en uno!

El profesor de este fabuloso curso 100% online es Annapurna Agrawal, un auténtico experto en la materia, y con el que aprenderás todo lo necesario para ser más competitivo. El curso se ofrece en Inglés.

Descripción completa del curso llamado Diseño de materiales Android

Course Description Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices. This course talks about all the important material design specifications, colors, design guidelines, and also using material widgets along with material themes. Curious about Android Material Design? This is the your final stop where you will get information regarding material design specifications and the related widgets being used with material design themes. The best part of this course is that you will learn to make several complete android demo apps from scratch – two major apps and several small apps – based on material design guidelines. Enhance your application user interface designing skills by implementing all new materialistic features introduced in Android Lollipop 5.0. Styling of Android Application is very important and one of the most critical feature in designing the app. To make this difficult task easy, I have come up with this course of Android Material Design, which begins with the basics of the material design and proceeds with covering some really complicated and most interesting stuffs like Android Material Design Animation. We will also dive into the material design support library and implement it in our demo applications. The topics we will be covering includes: 1. Material Design Themes and Colors Color PaletteMaterial Design ThemesMaintaining Backward CompatibilityExploring Tinting of Widgets 2. Material Design Toolbar Popup Menu or Overflow MenuContextual MenuToolbar Theme Customisation 3. Basic components of Android Material Design Floating Action ButtonSnackbarCoordinator Layout 4. Android Material Design Animation Ripple Effect: Touch FeedbackSlide Activity TransitionShared Element TransitionExplode Activity TransitionFade TransitionActivity Transition Overlaps 5. EditText with Floating Label Implementing Floating HintsValidation of TextFieldsValidation Error Resolution 6. AppbarLayout and CollapsingToolbarLayout Using AppBarLayout with Scroll FlagsHow to collapse Image along with CollapsingToolbarLayoutExploring various pin modes 7. RecyclerView and CardView Implementing RecyclerView in various orientationsUsing CardView to create list itemsAdding and Deleting an Item from RecyclerViewRecyclerView AnimationGrid, Staggered Grid Implementations 8. Navigation Drawer using NavigationView Inflate menu items in the Navigation Drawer using NavigationViewAdding dividers between the menu itemsGrouping the menu items under one category By the end of this series, you will be mastering the implementation of this features in your android app.