Crea un juego para Android desde Scratch usando AndEngine


En unas pocas horas, va a crear su propio juego de Android con instrucciones paso a paso e incluso publicarla!



Curso online: Crea un juego para Android desde Scratch usando AndEngine. En unas pocas horas, va a crear su propio juego de Android con instrucciones paso a paso e incluso publicarla!

Course Description Want to start with Game Development for Android? This course will jumpstart you into it! In just a few hours, you will develop a game with a step-by-step videocourse! I´ve uploaded the game you will create on Google Play – search for “MyFirstSpaceShooter”. (can´t link it in udemy – sorry!) In just a few hours of work, you could have your very own game in the Play Store aswell! You probably want to develop a game – maybe even your first. I was in the exact same situation just two years ago – I created a few simple games already, but nothing fancy. Then I started developing for Android, with the goal to eventually publish it. But that was way harder than I expected it to be! My first game took about 200 hours of work, even though I already knew Java! My second game even took 300 hours, but it was technically much more advanced. Now I want to help others starting Android game development with less pain and frustration than I had, which is why I created this course. I planned to reduce my 200 hours to just 20 hours of work for you – but because of my experience and a lot of trial and error, I could push that number even further. Now you will have a finished (but expandable!) game within just 2 hours! A part of why learning AndEngine is so slow is the lack of good tutorials. You’ll have a hard time finding a tutorial that really walks you through everything. And even if you find a good tutorial, it is probably outdated or not for your version of AndEngine… The game you will create is a simple space-invader-like arcade game – but you can choose how it looks like! I have included a set of graphical assets that you can choose from to make the game really yours. (of course, you can also use your own graphics if you have some) Also, I have added a few text-based guides to help you expand your game with additional features like PowerUps, Leaderboards and more! I will also continue to add more guides – if you are interested in anything specific, just ask! What`s included in this couse: Setting up your development environment Creating the main menu for the game using native Android Creating the game using AndEngine Guides on how to expand the game further All graphical assets used in this course and even more! What you need to bring: Basic programming knowledge is highly recommended, ideally in Java, but not absolutely necessary. A smartphone with Android With this course, you will be able to create your very own Android game within just a few hours – guaranteed. If the course doesn´t help you, you can just refund it – no questions asked!

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