Best Video Training To Create WordPress Blogs and Websites

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Best Video Training To Create Wordpress Blogs and Websites. Great Video Training That Shows You How To Install And Setup Wordpress So That You Have Great Looking Blogs And Websites



The name of this course is Best Video Training To Create WordPress Blogs and Websites. The knowledge you will get with this indescribable online course is astonishing. Great Video Training That Shows You How To Install And Setup WordPress So That You Have Great Looking Blogs And Websites.
Not only will you be able to deeply internalize the concepts, but also their application in different fields won’t ever be a problem. The instructor is Al Hemmings, one of the very best experts in this field.

Description of this course: Best Video Training To Create WordPress Blogs and Websites

Course Description If you want to learn WordPress, want a proper WordPress tutorial, and want to get the best WordPress training around, you have come to the right place. What is WordPress? WordPress is a free website software that allows you create fantastic looking blogs and websites. This is WordPress for beginners and we have some great WordPress video tutorials. In the WordPress video tutorials I show you: How to do WordPress website design How to create your own beautiful WordPress sites How to install a WordPress theme to create your WordPress website How to login as a WordPress admin The best ways of installing WordPress Show you one of the best WordPress hosting providers How to use the WordPress dashboard How to use the WordPress editor How to install simple WordPress themes How to update WordPress How to install plugins And lots more…… Learning WordPress and using WordPress is quite easy, once you get inside you will see that it is quite similar to Microsoft Word in the back end, but alt more powerful. There are WordPress alternatives, but they tend to be a lot less versatile and are a lot harder to customize to the way you want your site to look. Website design has come a long way and nowadays there is no need to do it the hard way and spend months learning website coding. In this 86 video WordPress training course from you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a fantastic looking custom site and finding products to make money; from installation to design, from customisation to finding products to promote on your site, from installing videos to capturing your customers email details, from adding Paypal order buttons to your website to creating a Facebook ad. This is much more than website creation course; this is a website business in a box solution. Once you know what you are doing, and you have got everything you need to setup your site, it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of days to setup a site. This course is for anyone who wants to setup a website business or blog and would lke to try their hand at making money online from their site.

Requirements of this course: Best Video Training To Create WordPress Blogs and Websites

What are the requirements? The only real costs are for your Domain name (website name) and webhosting. If you decide to use an Autoresponder as you will see in the video, there is a cost involved there, other than that you may have to pay for professional graphics, logos etc. for your website. My suggestion is to use Namecheap for your Domain name and Hostgator for your Webhosting, these are unavaoidable costs. using the FREE webhosting is OK but may have ;imited services so you will probably be better off if you use a paid service. Below is a link to a website where you can download a FREE software to run WordPress locally on your computer or USB drive, this allows you to play around with WordPress and learn it without the expense of buying a website, and it allows you to use, test, (and make mistakes) without doing it on a live site, if you make changes on a live site, you could damage your site to the point where you may have to re-build it from scratch (OUCH!!! Not recommended). You can create content, test plugins, try different themes, etc as if you had a live site. http://www.instantwp.com/

What will you learn in this course: Best Video Training To Create WordPress Blogs and Websites?

What am I going to get from this course? By the end of the course you will know how to use WordPress to a good standard and be have some knowledge about Internet marketing In this course you will be able to setup your own websites, find products to sell, setup email autoresponders to collect emails for your list so that you can market related products to your customers. The money is in the LIST!!

Target audience of this course: Best Video Training To Create WordPress Blogs and Websites

Who is the target audience? No Website creation knowledge is needed, this is a step-by-step video-based training course with very few technical steps. THis training will benefit anyone who is interested in setting up and running an Internet business

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